Costa Rica Travel Itineraries

Costa Rica may be small, but it’s one of the most biodiverse breathtaking destinations in the world so using one of our Costa Rica travel itineraries will help you plan your perfect trip.

Planning your dream vacation is no easy task. Because, when it comes to Costa Rica, time is always short. What really qualifies as a must-see or must-do, and what gets relegated to only-if-you-have-the-time? Not to mention, navigating the transportation logistics and the baggage allowances, the language barriers and those rental car insurance pitfalls.

Don’t you sometimes wish you could just game show-slap one of those big, red EASY buttons?

You and us both. That’s why we offer the TripKit Easy Way Out: free Costa Rica travel itineraries, designed by professional Costa Rica travel experts. Go on – tweak, change, adapt and copy+paste to your heart’s content.

These freebies are packed with insider info (tips you won’t find almost anywhere else), and each itinerary is clear enough that you can book all on your own.

Pick Your Free Costa Rica Travel Itinerary:

Classic Costa Rica

costa rica traveler

Three classic destinations. Vast biodiversity. Monkeys and sloths, active volcanoes and mineral hot springs. Spectacular everything. And one very memorable vacation.

Adventure Trip

In Costa Rica, toe-curling adventure means 500-foot bungee plunges, Superman ziplines, roaring surf, and class IV whitewater rapids. Do you dare?

Family Trip

costa rica family vacation

In a world where one-size-fits-all rarely fits anyone, Costa Rica is a make-everyone-happy kind of place. Thrill your entire family, from the young to young-at-heart.

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