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Costa Rica is a popular travel destination, and for good reasons: We have powder-soft beaches and lush rainforests, friendly people and whitewater rivers. We have year-round sun and endangered animals (lots of ‘em!), roaring waterfalls and ethereal cloud forests.

But, do you know about all the other stuff – the where, the when, and the how? No? Well, that’s where we come in: Costa Rica TripKit is here to inspire you. We’re here to help you. And we’re here to make your trip planning fun. And easy. Did we mention easy?

We have all the important stuff to help you plan, including Costa Rica travel guides to destinations, activities, and hotels. And to stick to our promise of easy, we even have the hook-up for (totally free!) pro travel planning, as well as Costa Rica itineraries for independent travelers.

Popular Travel Destinations

manuel antonio national park costa rica

Manuel Antonio Travel Guide

By Cynthia Adams | Mar 28, 2017

There’s a reason Manuel Antonio is one of Costa Rica’s hottest destinations: It’s paradise. This Manuel Antonio travel guide will show you why. Dramatic cliffs rise to breezy bluffs and sweeping views of white sand beaches. As we said – paradise! Overview: Area: Central Pacific Average Temperature: 70-90º F (21-32º C) Closest Airport: Juan Santamaría …

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Tamarindo Travel Guide

By Staff Writer | Mar 27, 2017

This Gold Coast mini-metropolis is all about great surf, sand, food and nightlife. And while that makes Tamarindo a hotspot for surfers, partiers and bohemians, it doesn’t make bonafide adults shy away, either. Our Langosta and Tamarindo travel guide introduces you to this Costa Rican hotspot for couples, kids, and anyone who loves nature (nesting …

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hanging bridge monteverde costa rica

Monteverde Travel Guide

By Cynthia Adams | Mar 27, 2017

At the very end of a meandering dirt road, sits the hilltop town of Monteverde, a cloud forest enclave with an alpine feel. Founded by Quakers in the 1950s, what was once mountaintop pastureland is today a paradise of nature reserves, coffee and cheese production, wildlife (and lots of it!), and emerald-colored everything.

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Get a Customized Trip Plan

Planning a dream vacation is no easy task. Beyond the normal considerations (transportation, hotels, and tours/activities), there are a lot of stumbling blocks: The language barrier. Tight scheduling. In-country baggage allowances. And that’s just the tip of the potential uh-oh iceberg.

If you’re looking for one of those big, red EASY buttons, here it is: A direct line to a Costa Rica travel planner. A 100% customized Costa Rica trip plan. With no obligation, and at no cost to you.

Free Travel Itineraries

Hey, independent vacationer! Yes, you – the one who loves to research every detail and read a hundred hotel reviews before you book. We get you. We are you.

We’ve put together three detailed Costa Rica trip itineraries, designed for travelers just like us. These itins are detailed, they’re awesome, and they’re designed by Costa Rica travel pros who know what they’re doing. And did we mention, they’re totally free?

Classic Costa Rica Travel Itinerary

From the Blog

The Best Things To Do in Costa Rica

By Cynthia Adams | Jun 25, 2018

They say the best things come in small packages and Costa Rica is a great example, this small country in Central America will surprise you with how much it has to offer. Thanks to its diverse terrain you can go from sunbathing on a secluded beach to hiking in a cloud forest a few hours …

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Renting a Car and Driving in Costa Rica

By Cynthia Adams | May 25, 2018

If you’ve already chosen Costa Rica as your travel destination, the next step is to figure out which attractions to visit, if you settle on more than a couple, then renting a car in Costa Rica is your best option. Driving in Costa Rica is an adventure in and of itself, I will explain this …

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Costa Rica Weather Hiking Wet Season

Costa Rica Weather and the Best Time to Travel

By Cynthia Adams | May 1, 2018

Costa Rica is a paradox, its proximity to the equator means it’s catalogued as having a tropical climate, but the different geographical elevations within this small country means there are actually 12 different micro-climates which range from the hot and humid tropical lowlands of the central and southern Pacific coast, cool cloud forests in the …

Costa Rica Weather and the Best Time to Travel Read More »

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