When you think of Costa Rica, do you think of waterfalls? If you do, you’re alreddy in the know: Costa Rica’s are something special.

A birdseye view of Costa Rica reveals a system of craggy mountain ranges that zig-zag the country’s landscapes. Cold-water streams and rivers speed down these mountains, cutting through rainforest and cloud forest, dry forests and lush gorges, on a wild tumble toward the sea.

This watery race yields waterfalls. Lots and lots of them. From the iconic Blue River (Río Celeste) and its roaring waterfall, to the tropical Nauyaca Waterfalls and their warm swimming holes, to the domino-effect cascades of La Paz Waterfall Gardens, to the baby-blue La Fortuna Waterfall, Costa Rica is a paradise.

Guided tours are popular – access the falls via hike, horseback, or ATV tour – although there are several famed falls you can easily visit on your own, if you have a rental car.

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