Sport Fishing

It’s no secret that Costa Rica is home to world-class sport fishing – more than 100 world records have been caught here, and the country is considered one of the planet’s best destinations for billfish – but what isn’t quite so well known is the sheer variety of sportfishing options.

For everyone from first-timers to skilled trawlers, from families with kids to to competitive anglers, Costa Rica has just the right fishing excursion. Inshore, reef and rooster fishing are excellent starting points: Popular year-round, more affordable than offshore fishing, and usually successful, nearshore fishing excursions are fulfilling and fun. (Kids really love helping reel in a roosterfish, a hard fighter that gives everyone a chance to try.) Tarpon and snook are also favorites, for fishing off the north Caribbean.

Serious anglers head the Pacific (Guanacaste, Nicoya, the Central Pacific and the South Pacific all have good fishing), where Costa Rica’s deep-sea fishing needs almost no introduction. Billfish and sailfish are the name of the game, especially for the startling number of blue marlin off our shores. Various tournaments are held every year.

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