Coffee Tours

Have you ever backtracked the story behind your morning cup of joe by taking one of the many coffee tours? Before it was brewed, before it was ground, before it was roasted, before it was dried, before it was picked – what was its story? What is the tale behind the humble (yet delicious) coffee bean?

Costa Rica knows. (And doesn’t mind sharing the secret.)

Costa Rica’s coffee tours climb high into the mountains, creeping up the slopes of active volcanoes, weaving through ethereal cloud forests, and unrolling in lush, ruby-dotted carpets of emerald green. It is here that coffee plantations grow, shaded by trees and flourishing in the cool temperatures of Costa Rica’s highest altitudes.

A coffee tour takes you on the journey from seed (aka the coffee “cherry”) to cup, and invites you along the way to pick, prune, sniff, rake, and sip to your heart’s content. And once all your burning coffee questions are answered, you’ll have your pick of the most aromatic souvenirs in the country.

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