ATV Tours

What do you do when you want to explore the hidden corners of Costa Rica’s backwoods, but don’t have the time to hike it, or the equestrian skills to ride horseback? Hop onto an ATV tour, of course!

All-terrain vehicles are the perfect (and exhilarating) means to bounce down dirt roads, traverse mountainsides, conquer muddy paths and climb into the hinterlands, opening up a world of possibility for your rural explorations.

Rent an ATV, and you can enjoy the sunrise from your perch on a desolate cliff; spread out your picnic breakfast on a nearly impossible-to-reach beach; explore miles of muddy rainforest trail all day; and end the evening on an isolated bluff, enjoying your dinner as the sun sets.

In addition to renting your own all-terrain vehicle, guided ATV tours are also popular. Zoom off to private waterfalls and swimming holes; explore secret beaches; scale picturesque mountains; and ride across the open plains of cattle farms. With an ATV, Costa Rican roads are no longer an obstacle. The world, or at least this sweet little slice of it, is truly your oyster.

This-Not-That: If you fancy a slower-paced trek into off-road Costa Rica, then why not saddle up for a horseback riding tour?

Santa Teresa and Mal País Travel Guide

It’s not just palm trees that line the sun-bleached coastline of Samara beach; this town-on-the-sea is home to beachfront restaurants, nightlife, and many other amenities. Indeed, these family-friendly white sands offer a one-stop-shop for all things vacation, making it one of the most sought-after destinations in Costa Rica.

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