North Central

From the near-perfect cone of Arenal Volcano, across the sparkling surface of Lake Arenal, and sweeping into the otherworldly mists of Monteverde’s cloud forests, the North Central region is a delight for the senses. This is a place of raucous adventure and quiet contemplation, of wildlife spotting and long hikes through ancient lava fields. Here, you’ll encounter the wild, the wonderful and the astonishing around every corner. Here, you’ll discover a Costa Rica far from beaches, separate from expectation, and more spectacular than any hope.

arenal volcano la fortuna costa rica

La Fortuna & Arenal Volcano Travel Guide

La Fortuna, the beloved adventure capital of Costa Rica, sits at the base of the towering Arenal Volcano, proud owner to one of the world’s most perfect (and picture-perfect) volcanic cones. While the volcano’s once fiery activity has calmed significantly, Arenal is still one of the hottest destinations in Costa Rica, thanks to its relaxing hot springs, adventure activities, and stunning scenery.